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We believe in constantly improving our methods and equipment to give our customers the best service possible. In the quality assurance world people often refer to CIP (continuous improvement process) or CQI (continuous quality improvement). Our experience in QA/QC has taught us that if there is a better way of doing something, it should be explored and implemented. 

In line with that idea, we have made a considerable investment in pure water technology. While traditional window cleaning techniques will always be a part of our service, we also incorporate pure water into our methods. With the purchase of a Xero Pure RO/DI water purification system and Xero 30' carbon fiber pole, we are expanding our capabilities. Pure water is devoid of all dissolved solids, and when coupled with a high quality pole and brush, allows for thorough cleaning and a spot free rinse with greater efficiency and safety on the job. We are happy to be able to make these improvements while still offering the same premium window cleaning service our customers have come to appreciate.

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